1.14 Wonkiness 💫 | 18w45a snapshot

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1.14 Wonkiness 💫 | 18w45a snapshot - Майнкрафт Видео

Glitchy stuff that is in 1.14 snapshot 18w45a. From floating scaffolding to cheaty banners found during our testing stream. Join us as we discover these glitches in real time. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/raysworks

Civetkitty: https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/1060260901146820608
XcelliorE: https://goo.gl/b6Fkkj
More 1.14 Snapshot videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_6lv9myQq1l9ifzJuw2TOIf

ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 4 year old server that has never reset the map with 100,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started! ProtoTech episodes: https://goo.gl/331McE
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaysWorks
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/raysworks
ProtoTech Discord: https://discord.gg/KM2xcrF
Technical Minecraft Community Discord: https://discord.gg/PEJvfAf

Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz

-ProtoTech Members-
0x53ee71ebe11e: https://goo.gl/mq4aRN
1011: https://goo.gl/ym7yBF
Acheron River: https://goo.gl/2dh2Xk
Bobby: https://goo.gl/nUhsgD
Cats: https://goo.gl/K63z2U
Comet: https://goo.gl/qRgFbb
commandblockguy: https://goo.gl/T7rA2K
Craft Mechanics: https://goo.gl/ujSQwq
DebatablyHuman: ---
DogetorHue: https://goo.gl/pbu9mN
Earthcomputer: https://goo.gl/KpoacL
EDDxample: https://goo.gl/uMrW1Q
Galia: https://goo.gl/uhk9Nu
Guberti: https://goo.gl/zTpvS8
Heinz Eins: https://goo.gl/M0HdsE
kikawet: https://goo.gl/hLMYok
KK: https://goo.gl/mXk9q9
Landmining: https://goo.gl/5bnDbg
Lord Jon: https://goo.gl/TT9fg5
MelonBP: ---
Mouse: https://goo.gl/Y5ZoQm
Narcoleptic Frog: https://goo.gl/jNJ4MJ
Noerdy: https://goo.gl/A3B3BU
Nooticus: https://goo.gl/H2NKpw
Nukelawe: https://goo.gl/rJNn8o
Omeganx: https://goo.gl/0NzXb5
Pingu: https://goo.gl/y4SaBz
Ray: https://goo.gl/0Qtuoc
Respawn4: https://goo.gl/FX4DNe
RubiksImplosion: https://goo.gl/y27p9e
Rusty: https://goo.gl/QyBgR1
Samnrad: https://goo.gl/GogBGf
SBG: https://goo.gl/KtWD3U
Smokey: https://goo.gl/YSc4Fo
Theosib: https://goo.gl/sk21eb
timmist24: ---
XcelliorE: https://goo.gl/b6Fkkj
Yunsung: https://goo.gl/HchA8d
zefenglin: https://goo.gl/JgaERF

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Recorded with OBS: https://obsproject.com/
edited with SVP: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com
Optifine: https://optifine.net/
Mcedit: www.mcedit.net/
NBTexplore: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Programs_and_editors/NBTExplorer
Amidst: https://github.com/toolbox4minecraft/amidst
Replay Mod: https://replaymod.com
Carpet mod: https://github.com/gnembon/carpetmod/releases

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Rays Works

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1.14 Wonkiness 💫 | 18w45a snapshot - Майнкрафт Видео